Bounce all the shrooms!

So i am just curious if anyone has bounced shrooms other than rhodactis. Reason i ask is because i have some ricordia and discoma that are bubbling. See attached pics of my green and purple yuma, my red and blue spotted discoma, and a few rhodactis that have bounced in my tank.

Ricordia Yuma’s are definately known to bounce.
I have had my purple Yuma’s bounce on many occasions
Usually when under intense LED lighting
Never happened under the T5s

Funny thing with my giant green Rhodactis, the Original (wild caught/mother mushroom opens up much bigger than all of the offspring. While all of her offspring are prone to get bouncing bubbles, she has yet to get one no matter the contortions or lighting.

Look up Godzilla Yuma, there are a few other trade named bouncing Yuma’s

Pretty cool looking but the bubbles are no where near the size of my yuma’s bubbles…lol any way i need to see if i can get these bounces to change colors lol.

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