Box of Rox #2 - 27lbs - Free Aquascaping Design included


Box of Rocks #2. All Dry rock. Includes some of my DIY rocks.

Dimensions of this setup are: 28" wide x 15" deep x 13" tall.

27lbs of dry rock @ $2.00lb = $54.00 - REDUCED now $25

I thought this scape came out excellent! As such…I geeked out and took way too many pictures. Enjoy.

Waaaay toooo much pictures of the same rocks Rob. ::rofl:: ::rofl::, but I like it. Good luck with the sale though.

Would have made a beautiful scape the way you have it rob.

Was wondering what you used to hold the rocks together? How would you suggest doing it if the rocks were live?
Nice setup btw.

Nothing but the laws of physics holding them together in the pictures. In a permanent setup, I would putty them so they maintain avalanche resistance while still not making them 100% permanent. I’d putty them if they were live too.

:BUMP) REDUCED now $40

Getting the house ready to go up on the market, these need to go! Updating here 1st before they go up on Craigslist.

REDUCED now $25