breaking down my 72g bow w/ 30g ref selling light protein skimmer and fish

Selling off my tank because im moving cant take tank with me.
Need everything gona ASAP

LIVE ROCK. … $1 per pound
Live sand … best offer will be accepted
Corals will sell cheap best offer will be accepted
Hammer , frog spawn, trumpet, large hairy mushrooms, lots of Devils hand leathers , small scroll never grew ? Few more pieces i dont know the name of.

I need a good home for the fish. Must be a established aquarium and someone who would care for their general well-being and not just a disposable pet

2 mated o clowns over 5 years old
1 yellow tang over 5 years old.
1 watchmen goby 5 years old
2 chromise about a year old.
Will sell fish for best offer to good home.

Nova extreem 6 bulb light 48" $150

Protein skimmer. $40

Refugium. $20

Any interest call 302-507-6331 Jason

Calling or txt would be best way to get ahold of me. And i can send more pictures.

How big is the yellow tang? May be interested but already have a purple tang so depends on size

I would guess the tang size at 4.5 inch its not young but dont look full grown

Got pics of the hammer?

Here are the hammer pictures please call or text I will be sending pictures through text I will be easier for me

Interested in the hammer, frogspawn (if its not purple with green tips, we have that already), and trumpet and devil hand leather. What is price of each and or all?

Where are you located?