Bristle tail file fish

Looking for a file fish that is currently eating aptasia. Does anyone have one?

There were a couple bouncing around. @TheProfessor?

I need mine to eat a bit more aiptasia in my secondary tank but after that it will be good to go. Maybe a week if you want it?

Well, I took it out of my display because it was nipping at my acans and hammers. It did do some good work on the aiptasia though.

I would be very interested in getting him when you are done with him. Just let me know how we could meet up and what you would like for him.

Nothing. You can have him and perhaps even return him to me when he’s eaten your aiptasia. Whatever works.

Could you let me know when you are ready to give him to me and where you live? Thanks

Will do. I am away for a bit this weekend so it probably would be a week from Sunday or thereabouts. I’m in Wilmington.

I’m sorry to report that my Filefish appears not to have survived in my small tank. Ugh.

Oh no, sorry Ed… :frowning:

I had put it in the sump to my 25 cube, which is only a 10g that probably only has 5g in it. I meant to take the Dottyback out of the 25 and replace it with the Filefish but never got around to it until it was too late evidently. Now the Dottyback is in the sump but I don’t want to put it back in the 25. Sigh.

I guess I’ll post it and see if anyone wants a mean ass fish.