Brown algae

Another noob question. Now that I am cycled I have brown algae starting to grow everywhere on the substrate and rocks. I have a couple of fish in there now, a scopas tang and blue damsel, so what can I do to get rid of this stuff. If it was my fw I would just add snails and another pleco so I am stumped.

It should go away with time. It is most likely diatoms. They have a cycle in almost every new tank, but they go away after a short time and dont really come back much. Some snails eat them, but the best thing just seems to be time.

cool thanks

I had the same issue on my new tank. I added a bunch of Mexican turbos, Queen Conch, and some Astera snails and that did the trick for me. PoM PoM


Luckily its not on the glass at the moment, just the substrate and some fossilized coral I have in there. Going to get some cleaners this weekend.