Okay- Anyone know where to get a 1" bulkhead locally? (1.75" Hole)

Dover, Wilmington, Newark?

How many do you need? If its not to many then you can probably find one in my closet…

I have a few if you need them asap. They are threaded both sides.

DPA also had them

I just need one. The 65 is drilled, but the B/H is capped. I will setup by this weekend, could one of you guys bring one to the meeting? I need a screen for it too, do you know if DPA has them?

Yeah, I’ll bring one to the meeting with me. No idea about the screen.

Thanks man!

some “knowledged” fellow at HD suggested northeast plumbing I will check them tomorrow. They are located in middletown. I’ll let you know when I know.

[quote=“IanH, post:7, topic:840”]
some “knowledged” fellow at HD suggested[/quote]
That’s an Oxymoron if I ever saw one.