Calling wood workers!!

Hey you guys, need some help. Skinning my stand in maple plywood and having trouble finding ways to stain it. This wood blotchess easily and i need to be careful with it before i start trying on the main pieces. Any thoughts on finishing this plywood?

Thanks everyone.


Practice your stain on some extra maple ply, or the back of your cabinet doors?

I’ve stained maple ply before, but it was a light, natural, matte finished stain. No issues with blotching. Guessing you’re going a bit darker?

The Natural stain really brought out the natural lines in the maple ply, it was really nice looking.

But again, get your stain, some extra scrap, and practice 1st. Especially on the end pieces where the cuts are made. They may soak up extra stain and you’ll want to wipe that stain with a rag to keep it from looking darker then everything else.


how about a light under coat to seal some of the open grain areas.

lots of articles on the net about stainig maple.

So that the stain doesn’t leave blotches on the wood, always apply a thin coat of wood conditioner first, using an inexpensive brush. Give the conditioner about 15 minutes to dry before applying the stain – but don’t sand it; there’s no need.