can you organize a group buy

Let me throw this out there and see if it garners any interest. If the club can produce at least 10 members interest I would like to have a Delreefclub night at East Coast Aquatics. Your people pick the night give me at least two weeks notice. I will offer 30% off any livestock(excluding sale priced items). Any time, any date but I need to see at least 10 buying members. not one member and 9 of his children. I can’t make it any easier than that, and with two weeks notice I should be able to work on any reasonable wish list.

So who’s in?

Now that is a heck of an offer.

I’m in.

i can hear crickets chirping, not a good sign

ummm YES. that is an amazing offer. i would be in without a doubt

Some days i forget to stay off sites that cost me money. Email me if it goes through, I don’t check in enough. I’m in…

count me in also depending on the date/time…are we going to be able to pre-order any specific corals?

Thanks for the offer, wish i could say i’m in, but its too close to x-mas shopping time. Hopefully after the holidays i’ll make it back to your store. Til then i’ll just have to drool with envy at the pics everyone posts of the cool stuff i missed out on!

Thanks for supporting the club Matt!

I’m in as well. Same goes, depending on the date/time.

Matt, I tend to spend 2x my plan when my children are with me…maybe they SHOULD count? lol
I’m would get in on this one like most other events at ECA.

Great idea Matt! just say when…

I’d be in depending on time/date and livestock. I’m only in the market for fish at the moment. Would we be able to see what’s available or preorder anything like stated?

we always take requests, some fish are never available but we are always glads to look for whats on your wish list.




He is waiting on us to set a date, I just got 5 bags and some bulbs today, and talked to him about it. Thanks Dink, for your employees time today. Dave/Teresa.

yes it is totally in your hands.

We will be discussing in the next couple of days - look for the polls to determine interest and date.