Does carbon brand matter?what do you use?

Yes it matters a lot, this video with help explain

I use ROX .08 and as a second choice Hydrocarbon 2

rox from bsr

Paul please don’t take this wrong but I have seen your tanks lOl

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I think the biggest thing with carbon is to use the right granule size for the application. I’ve seen more/less dust from diff brands but it all rinses clean.
If i was picky about it, i’d def use the rox carbon that everyone raves about…

Do you have to put the colors in your water to see if it is working. I don’t really know, I don’t use carbon. lOl

Since I have a small tank and mix of soft, LPS and SPS corals and two anemones, I use carbon 24/7 to help me feel as though I am helping to combat any chemical warfare going on.

Phosphates and Nitrates are the main things we won’t to remove from filtration. Chemical warfare will slightly slow the growth of some corals so that is a benefit of carbon as well, as is clarifying the water for light penetration. Super cheap carbons can add phosphates to the water, so if you go too cheap you may be working against yourself.

I like to use Brightwell products as they have very strict quality control, but don’t carry a significantly high price tag like KZ (Korallen-Zucht) and some other expensive brands.

What is the difference?how do we know it’s better then the next?

heres a good read on carbon over on RC