Caulerpa Prolifera

Anyone want some caulerpa prolifera? Gotta cull the fuge because it’s starting to grow into my skimmer chamber. Does have some bristle worms in it but I welcome biodiversity so…

Hi! New to reefing and just now working on a fuge setup for a 40g tank. Why did you go with Caulerpa over say Ulva or Chaeto? Also when might you be getting rid of some next?

Welcome Hedegs27. Thanks for posting on the form. Looking forward to hearing more about your setup.

I started with caulerpa, red ogo, chaeto, and sea lettuce. The caulaerpa out competed all the others and that’s why I have it. It grows great under white light. I use an Amazon led waterproof work light I bought for 14.99.

I will let you know when I am going to harvest. The other benefit is I feed it to my tangs. I take a bunch and put it in my nori clip and they get to eat fresh live macro. Where are you located? I could pull some but I just found some flat worms on my wall hammer so getting ready to treat for that. I would want to wait till after the treatment to give you some.

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Don’t mind my messy sump…need to clean it.

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I would be interested in taking some as well. what wattage light did you use?

That’s the light I am using.

Oh no! Sorry to hear about the flat worms. Thanks for the LED suggestion as well. I’m in Newark, DE south of UD campus.

I’m still in the setup phase of my sump so not in any real hurry. Also nice tip about using the Caulerpa to feed as well. Thats why I originally wanted to go with Ulva but shopping around I found all the reputable sites to be sold out.

Hey fish face, do you have any more of the caulerpa. If so and you are coming to the meeting on the 6/11@1:00 bring me some please. Thank you.

I will bring you some caulerpa Mike!

Thank you much appreciated

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