cheap very green caps

These frags are of my very flourescent green cap. Small frags are $10 and larger frags are $20.The very big frag on the right is not for sale. Each order will include a frag of orange digitata to offset shipping costs. I ship only FEDEX overnight delivery, using insulated boxes and each frag will be triple bagged.

the original and the best!! the pics dont do John’s cap justice, the color is insane in person, ive never seen green cap so bright. defintiely worth the shipping costs!

that cap must grow like a weed for you John. i only wish i could get mine the same shade of green as yours!

Thanks Shawn for the great feedback. It has been growing very fast since I moved down here, must be something in the water. LOL

not in de anymore?

[quote=“ds4x4, post:4, topic:2033”]
not in de anymore?[/quote]
I moved from Long Island,NY, to Salibury,MD, just last Sept.

ok gotcha :slight_smile: whats a ballpark $ on shipping?

A shipment to Dover De. for next day delivery at 430pm is $20, for 1200pm noon delivery it is $25.

Everything is sold except for :

2 small frags
1 large frag

All frags are sold