Christmas Cheer

Merry Christmas!

We will be open but not shipping through this Saturday Dec 22, then closed until Thursday Dec 27 when we will be shipping again and also on Friday Dec 28. We will also be open on Saturday the 29th and then closed until Wednesday Jan 2 when we will resume our normal schedule open 11-5 Monday-Saturday.

We will be posting several hundred new corals during this period so keep an eye of our site for some nice new frags and colonies. You may order online at any time, we will confrim your order when we reopen on the 27th.

A small sampling of the new corals that will be posted soon

Leptastrea and Pavona


Mixed LPS

Montis and other SPS

Stylocoeniella and other SPS


LPS and Palys

Australomussa and other Colonies

Acros and Montis


That 2nd rainbow-type monti is gorgeous!