Chunky and colorful SPS?

I’ve never kept SPS in any of my tanks before. I know just about nothing about them as a result. I have a barren area up top of my rock work that gets too much light for zoas to be there. I’m thinking of putting a few colors of the same SPS family there. I’d like blue, yellow, pink and bright green. What’s a wide branched option that would fit the bill?

There are lots of different style SPS
A lot of the Bali and Fiji corals are tight branching corals. All kinda colors best to look at the mother colony if your buying from a person if your buying online probably just ask and they may be able to tell ya.

Be careful the SPS bug doesn't take much to latch on ya

These are the kind I’m looking for. Tight, wide branches. Nice and colorful. Are these Bali?

I like the bright green and the pink guy below it

could be
Tough to tell

Also remember lighting plays a big part on the way they look also

What kind are you running?

Something like this
Bali coral

Fiji coral


This was my Bali Shortcake mother colony…nothing huge yet, but I did cut a few small frags off of it for the swap in a few weeks. Under the right lighting it can have a lot of colors…main body has geen, but the branches seems to show the most color (pink, yellow, some blue/purple)

Also…Mike at Aquarium Specialties & Research (in Frazer, PA) just got a few nice SPS in…not sure if its what you are looking for…his facebook page is below…and he is very knowledgeable and should be able to give you a lot of tips and pointers for venturing into SPS and what types.

Yep, I know Mike. I’ve been meaning to get over there again. Harder to do now with two kids :slight_smile: