Clams 4 sale

I’ve got 4… one of each kind (except a giga) prices will range from $30 - $70 each… I’ll take pics later on when i can… They have all been in my tank for about a year, give or take a couple months from clam to clam…
sorry, no trades…
stay tuned… back to painting for now… verdict_in

Here they are, i’m giving close estimates on sizes… so don’t bust out the ruler and give me a hard time slap-stick

And i tried to get the colors accurately in the pics, but i can’t get the croceas full colors to show… its an amazing blue, no top-down needed to see its beauty.
group shot

the crocea is about 2’’… $70 sold Allan

deresa about 4’’…$40 sold Allan

squammy about 3’’… $30 hold for Billrob

and the hippo, probably close to 6’’…$70

There is some red algae on them (not cyano) but turbo snails eat it quickly, problem is there’s only one turbo in my tank right now…
All these clams are very hearty, and have been resilient to any problems and pests i’ve had over the past year.
I’m confident that these clams are as adapted to tank life as clams can get…
they have been under about 160 par from t5’s, and at a salinity of 1.026.

Why :-? :-? :-? :-? :-?

john, are you doing this because i am no longer able to buy them?? beauties!

[quote=“moliken, post:4, topic:5507”]
john, are you doing this because i am no longer able to buy them?? beauties![/quote]

Thanks Paul, and of course because of you… :BEER

That’s interesting. I’m watching a movie on HBO called “Paul”. something about a Fiesty, skinny old green guy with a big head. Reminds me of someone but Can’t quite place him.