Clean up crew for reef tank

What’s the best clean up crew for a reef tank?


How many gallons? Some work well in small tanks. Others in larger tanks. My go to is the Emerald crab first. Then snails(what’s available locally from a reliable source)You also have to consider how mature the tank is and if there is enough algae to keep them fed. Starving crabs and snails will eventually eat corals.

If your tank is mature, Tangs work well as well a some sand sifting gobies.

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Thank u. I’ve had the tank set up for about 2 years. I just did a spring cleaning and noticed only 2 zebra turbo snails. I did have some algae, which is part of the reason for the cleaning. I do have a powder brown tang in there but he wasn’t keeping the algae at bay. I didn’t get all of the algae, obviously, but I did get the majority out of the tank. My thought is to get some cleaners in there to start working on what’s left and prevent a take over. The tank is a 65.

Marine Depot has a good article Algae Busters

For a 65 I would have 20-30 astrea snails, 1-2 turbos, 1-2 emeralds, and 20 hermits.

Do you have sand? I dont like crabs because they inevitably eat the snails. Astrea snails are my go to.

what is causing the algae growth?

I have a shallow sand bed. I was having some rodi filter issues so my water changes weren’t as frequent as usual. I didnt realize that I only had 2 snails left until the big cleaning. So I’m thinking that not much of a clean up crew wasn’t helping matters either. I just want to get the right guys in there to help with cleaning/ keeping it clean

Hello. For my 125 I purchased 2 turbo snail, sand sifting goby, a bleny,2 peperment shrimp,3 emerald crabs,three nasarius snails,4 min red leg crabs. In one week, I can barely tell there was an “ugly stage”.

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What’s new in @WaterOasis reef?

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Hey. Nuthin new. I’ve been having a horrible online buying experience. I’m tired of returning
items. Have added a couple fish. Thank for asking President Jessica :grin:


Sorry to hear about the online stuff :disappointed:
Looks like your fish and the gorgonian are doing well.
What’s on the other side of the wall? Was it a closet?

My mechanical room. The unfinished side of my basement. Even had my sump replaced due to defects.


Wow, that must be nice having all that access to the back of the tank!

My favorite room :grin:

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