Clove polyps getting bubbles

Why are they doing this?

Are those the ones you got from me?

I have never seen my cloves do that. Maybe a reaction to the change in lighting

Maybe a reaction to the way they were glued to the disc (they didn’t grow on that disc.

I wouldn’t be too concerned they look healthy otherwise right ?

Are they still on a frag plug? They look glued to an actually piece of rock. Kind looks like a glue bubble.

Have you touched one of the bobbles? Are they hard or soft?

Yeah, theyre the ones i got at the last swap. Im not too concerned. They acclimated, opened up and look great otherwise. Its just those few on the edge.

They are glued to a frag plate, yes. I havent tried touching them. But they almost look like they’re filled with water/fluid.

Just an update. I thinkthis is how it spreads? The polyps seem to have filled up with water which made them lay over. Then they attached to the rock they were laying on.