Clownfish Extravaganza Group Buy!!!!!

Title: Clownfish Extravaganza Group Buy
Date: Start today, Tuesday, February 17th – End Sunday, February 22nd, 6:00PM
Payment must be received by Sunday, February 22nd @ 6PM via PayPal (Payment sent as gift to avoid fees)
Carrier: FedEx Priority Overnight (Guarantee 10:00AM delivery)
Guarantee Arrive Alive
would like to ship clownfish order to one person for pickup. (Preferably President or VP home)

The prices next to each designer clownfish are for a pair! This is the biggest sale that you will ever see in any group buy seen here on Delaware Reef Club! So take advantage if this extravaganza designer clownfish Group Buy!
Delaware Reef Club Group Buy min. order of 10 pairs will qualify the entire order for “Free Shipping” overnight priority to designated members home for shipment.
There’s more…only gets better! *If a member purchases $250 or more, will get a “Free pair" of their choice…WOW this is crazy!
*Free pair: Qualified purchase only one member not combined orders. PayPal must be from one member.
“Free pair”: DaVinci Clownfish Grade Extreme, Lightning Maroon, Phantom, Onyx Percula or Ultra Black Ice is not available for “free pair"!
How to get a “free pair”?
Example: Joe Small total purchase order:
1 pair of Phantom $99
1 pair of Frostbite $159
Joe Small total order is $258 qualified for a free pair of designer clownfish!

• Wyoming White Clownfish pair $79
• Flurry Clownfish pair $69
• DaVinci Clownfish grade B pair $59
• DaVinci Clownfish grade A pair $99
• Wide Bar Mocha Clownfish pair $55
• Mocha Vinci Clownfish grade B pair $129
• Phantom Clownfish pair $99
• Black Ice Clownfish pair $69
• Premium Black Ice Clownfish pair $79
• Ultra Snowflake Clownfish pair $79
• Snowflake Clownfish pair $59
• Snow Onyx Clownfish pair $59
• Maine Blizzard Clownfish pair $59
• Black Photon Clownfish pair $79
• Picasso Clownfish Grade B pair $69
• Picasso Clownfish Grade A pair $99
• Onyx Clownfish (C-Quest line) pair $99
• Spotcinctus Clownfish pair $29
• Black/White Clownfish misbar (Darwin) pair $22
• Black/White Clownfish full bar (Darwin) pair $49
• Frostbite Clownfish pair $149

delreefclub members when placing an order send payment via PayPal in the memo please indicated forum, forum username, list which pair of clownfish your purchasing. If your total is $250 or more indicate which free pair you want to add to your order. All clownfish are tank raised from Sea and Reef Aquaculture.

If you have any question please don’t hesitate to contact me.