Cold Well Water

Our house uses well water and being that is it extremely cold out, my ro/di water feed into my unit is very cold, thus taking longer to fill a 40 gallon water mixing system. So yesterday I filled a 5 gallon bucket with water and placed a heater in it to keep the water warm and then I connected around 20 ft of 1/4 inch tubing to the water feed line and coiled it around the inside of the heated bucket, then connected the other end of the tubing to my ro/di unit.

It has improved the output of fresh RO water. Just thinking if anyone else has this problem, this could be helpful.

That’s a great suggestion. I’ve heard people doing this even when the water isn’t cold and getting better production ratios.

John that’s a great way to do it. Your problem is that the water in the bucket isn’t hot enough. The water in the tubing is moving to fast to get any real heat from the bucket water. If you add more length to the tubing in the bucket you should get a better result. Or make the bucket water as hot as poss. This method is used to heat hot water in a domestic hot water coil on most boilers.

Do you use a booster pump too?

And you need to separate the tubing in the bucket so that it’s not all laying in a pile on the bottom of the bucket.