Please submit a picture of your tank, favorite coral, favorite fish, etc to this thread. Must be your own photo. You can only submit one photo. We will be voting and the winning picture will be featured on our business cards!!!

Photo submission will be taken from now through the end of the year. On the first we will begin voting!!

This contest is only running on our forum and will not be offered on our FB page.

Get to submitting those photos!!!

Thank you and good luck!!

I have too many choices to pick just 1!

[quote=“beadlocked450r, post:2, topic:8433”]
I have too many choices to pick just 1![/quote]

I am sure you can narrow it down to one!!! ::thumbsup::

Come on guys and gals! Dont forget to participate in the contest. We need a picture for our business cards!

OK, I’m in! Here are a few of my favs from my old 90g.

Just one person participating?? C’mon guys!!! I need more participation than this!


Very very very very old! Who let this clown back on the site? :BB) ::rofl:: ::hitsthefan::

What! Who in the heck is Dunk?

Ha ha. Jason kept hounding me so I guess I’m back

[quote=“dunk, post:8, topic:8433”]
What was this?

I have some. Let me look through my hard drive and see what I got.

Still time to get those photos in!!! Photos will be accepted through today!! Hopefully some more members will participate!

OK I have added the poll to this thread! It is now time to vote for your favorite. Voting will run until Tuesday. Good luck!

Sorry little late, but here it is.

It is ok! I will add it to the choices! Which one did you want to submit? Only taking one.

Ok. The first one, Karen.

Thanks A!

Today is the last day to get those votes in!!!