Controller cabinet DIY

Been a slow process but thanks to members of the club I

am making progress! Here are some pics of the journey.


Looks great Will. You will love it when it’s done.

Looks good. Is that a false wall you added? Also looks like your able to open it to access the back.

It is a false wall and i split the wall so the left side can be pulled out if i need to change anything or replace anything.

Had a little over spray but i liked it so i just went with it…lol


I will razor blade the glass on the door.

Love the color of blue you chose, looks great

Looking better every day Will

Just need to do some touch up painting but everything is moved, my 20 gallon Ato reservoir and my 90w sterilizer are up and running.

Gonna hard plumb my macro reactor except for about 6 inches of tubing and hard plumb my carbon reactor next then just enjoy…lol

Will, where is your energy bar for the apex?I don’t see it
Your tank looks great. Nice to have a cabnet to but all your controls in.

I mounted it behind the false wall. Along with the power supplies.

Nice move.

Well thought out and executed nicely!

One question though, if something goes wrong in you tank will it go back in time so you can fix it before it goes wrong?

Dr Who fans will understand.

It actually will go to the future! I am gonna bri g back a couple colonies from my tank 5 years from now.

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Havent posted any pics in a while so

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Beautiful corals and the tank looks awesome

Thank you Sir!