Coral for Sale - bringing to the Hobbyist Frag and Equipment Swap

Just wanted to start a list here of things I will have for sale or trade. I will be adding to this as we get closer to the event. I will post some pictures as I can but will start with a list and post pics along the way.


Blue Spruce Stag
WWC Yellow Tip Austera
Green Slimer (orange tip)
Reef Bum’s Purple Slimer
Unique Coral’s Red Slimer
Rainbow Granulosa
Jason Fox’s Blowtorch Tenuis
AOA Pink Fusion
Purple Tip Green Clunker
Touch of Grey Rosaria


Green Button palys
Yellow colony polyps
Mean Greens
Blueberry Fields


Purple Yuma mushrooms
Pink Cabbage (sinularia)

Donavon’s Blue Spruce Stag

AOA Pink Fusion (similar to RR Rainbow Loom but more pink/orange/less yellow/green)

WWC Yellow Tip Austera

Donavon’s Touch of Grey Rosaria

Green Slimer (orange tip)

Reef Bum Purple Slimer

Unique Corals Red Slimer

Purple tip Clunker

Rainbow Granulosa (blue,violet, green,pink, yellow, purple polyps) varies greatly on lighting.

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JF Blowtorch Tenuis

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