Coral Shipment 5/16/2014

After a few weeks without a coral shipment, an awesome order arrived last night. For anyone who has been waiting to add new pieces to their reef, this is your week! Some of the most notable pieces include a neon green Bubble, a blue-tipped Elegance, and a gold Torch coral. These are some of the best full-sized pieces, but we also received top-notch frags as well! Including a Blastosmussa Merlettia, a yellow-eyed Chalice, and a green Goniopora, these $20 corals are a steal for any tank!

Now, we haven’t forgotten our freshwater friends. We received some exceptional Fancy Guppies, Cardinal Tetras, and Marble Hatchets. As always, you can go to our website and check out the just arrived page to see complete listings of all the livestock we received this week.

With that said, we are looking forward to seeing everyone at tomorrow’’’‘s frag swap. It’’’'s sure to be a great time!