Coral Shipment 6/03/2014

Corals arrived yesterday and there is an amazing selection of $15.00 and $20.00 frags! Also included are over 20 full size colonies all priced $49.00 or less. The $15.00 frags include an assortment of Zoanthids, Palythoas, and mushrooms. All with great color. In the $20.00 assortment we have neon green GSP, Pipe Organ, Caulastrea, Frogspawn, and Favia just to name a few. We also added a $25.00 frag tank with some more unusual pieces like Cephastra and Chalice. There is a wide variety of full size colonies as well, so no matter what your budget you can add a quality piece or two to your reef without breaking the bank.