Corals Mania Anemone GB

Anyone interested in saving money? I’ve been in contact with Corals Mania and they are offering Anemone Groupbuy! They are proposing min 30 order (Free shipping). Shipped to my house and pick up here or at the meeting. Everyone can PayPal me or Corals Mania. This offer will only be for a week ending the 20 of Jan. At closing of the group buy, once all money is received, the order will be shipped.

Start a GB for these beautiful Rose Bubble tips priced at the following:
BTA Color (S) $15
Rose Bubble Tip Anemone (S) $28
Rose bubble Tip Anemone (M) $30
Maxi mini Ultras $25
Saddle Anemone: Ultra Colored $79
Long Tentacle Anemone: Purple (M) $39
Tube Anemones (SM) $15

A if you can get enough on board id be happy to grab 1 or 2.

Thanks Casey. We’ll see if anyone else want some nems.

I would be interested in Rose bubble Tip Anemone (M) $30.

But to be honest, I think asking for a minimum of 30 is too many. What if we get like 25, Johnny won’t go for that,come on. Why not wait until we see how many nems the members actually want and then see if Coral Mania is willing to do a group buy for that number.

They look really nice the only thing I’m consern about is them splitting alot and have a tank for of bubble tips like Tim’s tank. They have taken over.

Traditonally an anemone only splits when it either A. gets too large for it’s own good, or (more frequently) B. When under stress - like from going years wiothout doing a water change.

Splitting is a self defense mechanism for them, less tissue to keep alive, more chance of genetic survival in case 1 doesn’t make it maybe the 2nd one will.

I’ve had my bubble tip for years and it’s only ever split once, and that was right after a tank move.

Worried about that too Bill, but decided I will place it in my frag tank, permanently.

[quote=“houndsbayman, post:7, topic:6985”]
Worried about that too Bill, but decided I will place it in my frag tank, permanently.[/quote]

The last time I was at ASR Mike had some real pretty multi colored ones but passed on them for the same reason. I would love to get one but like it to get bigger and not split.

I got my Ultra Pink BTA from Dr. Mac 2 and a half years ago it’s split once most likely caused by major Alk swings I was having at the time. I agree I have read a lot about them splitting and most of the data points to it being a result of stress.

If it split sell it! There’s always someone looking for a RBTA.

There is no way we can get enough members to order 30 nems.

[quote=“houndsbayman, post:11, topic:6985”]
There is no way we can get enough members to order 30 nems.[/quote]


Is it 30 nems or 30 orders?

Karen its 30 nems minimum order.

[quote=“BigCase, post:14, topic:6985”]
Karen its 30 nems minimum order.[/quote]

Thanks Casey! It would be a little easier to get 30 nems than 30 orders.

OK How about we sweetin the GB instead of 30 nems order, how about 20 min. Here are additional items you can order!!
Melanarus Wrasse: Male (SM) $16.99
Bicolor Angel (S) $11.99
BORBONIOUS ANTHIAS (Blotchy) $129.99
Copperband Butterfly (S) $14.99
Copperband Butterfly (M) $19.99
Midas Blenny; Golden; Africa (SM) $19.99
Flame Angel; Marshall Is. (S) $25.99
Watchman Goby (SM) $8.99
Arc Eye Hawk (S) $9.99
Six Line Wrasse (S) $9.99
Cleaner Shrimp (S) $13.99
Cleaner Shrimp (M) $17.99
Harlequin Shrimp (SM) $18.99
Sexy Shrimp $9.99
Mexican Turbo Snail $1.00
Nassarius Sand Snail (Large) $1.25
Chocolate Chip Star $3.75
Sand Sifting Cucumber; Atl. $9.99
Blue (Hippo) Tang (T) $26.99
Purple Tang; Red Sea (S) $99
Sohal Tang; Red Sea (S) $99
Yellow Tang; Haw. (S) $26

Any chance of leopard or fairy wrasses by the end of month for gb?

Clown Fairy Wrasse (S) $26
Disappearing Wrasse; Haw. $26
Exquisite Fairy Wrasse; Afr. $29
Ornate Leopard Wrasse: Female $26
Red Margin Fairy: Female $24


When are we doing this?

Place your Order…LOL