Couple frags for sale in 08012

I would be willing to meet if you buy a couple things other then that pickup is in blackwood nj 08012
First nice red yuma with a baby $40
Next about 15-20 heads of a beautiful acan with a blue ring very healthy $50
Next is a galaxy very nice color $40
Next is 2 acan lords right one $40 great color left one $20 great looking green looks like it’s going to have some purple in it
Tubbs blue orange Bambams red hornets $10 each
I also have a nice Apple jacks chalice I can’t get a good pic pm or text I will get you one $30
Last Jedi mind trick and some zoas $10 each
Sorry the pics are not coming up when I get home I will post pics I have some on my phone pm or text
(856)264-9601 these are all obo let me know

Here are some pics as promised

Tubbs blue
Both acan lords
Jedi mind trick
All pending

Also like to add this orange base red polyps very nice color $20

That last pic, is that a Monti or acro? Do you know the name of it?

I’m not sure it’s like a reverse sunburst maybe really nice color that’s for sure

Also guys the big branching hammer in the pic has about 20-25 heads $40

Hammer pending
Price drop on last acan the red one with blue ring

“the big branching hammer in the pic has about 20-25 heads”

Half of which -dont look so great…

Thanks for that very nice of you to say that on my sales thread it’s pending at the moment and the buyer knows why but it anyone is wondering why
About 5 months ago I made a mistake and changed all my bulbs at once an 8tube ati my corals took a hit form the light change
And around the same time stopped feeding everyday because my po4 was getting high and I’m not sure but I think I added to much Kalk and spiked my ph.
Well I think that’s it oh here’s a full tank shoot if you need more info my tank is healthy

Here’s what it looked like about 8 months ago before I cut it in half and had all that stuff happen