Couple of feather dusters

Some of you saw some feather dusters that were on the egg create in one of my 40Breedres. Thought I would post a pic for those of you who may have missed it or not been there. Yesterday I moved it to another tank and it was easy to get pics.(the low quality pics they are with my stupid camera phone)

Upside down with all dusters retracted.

Little blurry, but in the new tank fully open.

Both were pictures taken after I removed two large clumps and placed them in the fuge of another tank. The tank it was in sees water changes rarely and has never had a skimmer.

I think it is cool. Some people might think it’s icky especially if they find out they are worms. This is probably one of the many reasons Dr. Mac frequently cleans his egg create.

just weird, i have a little feather duster i think…

[quote=“Marchingbandjs, post:3, topic:2175”]
just weird, i have a little feather duster i think…[/quote]

You mean one little feather duster? I can bring you a couple of the ones pictures at the next meeting a bring frags to if you want.

ok but i dunno where i would put them

Check them in. Let them find their own home. Place them in the sump or under a rock. Doesn’t matter. These are soft tube feather dusters not rigid calcium structures shouldn’t damage anything letting them float around.

ight ill put them under a rock or in the refug when i get one… could u bring me a couple to the 10/19 meeting perhaps

Should be able to just have to remember, lol. Fuge would be the prefect spot for them.

Yep, thats why im waiting, i will def have one by the 19 maby even on sat…

Want me to wait to bring you the dusters until the 19th? Then you can be sure you have a good spot for them?

Ya wait till the 19th… that way im 100% sure