Craiglist Sale of 56gal Cube w/ 100lbs LR

Alright I’m going to pick up the LR from my buddy since it didn’t sell. I’m only asking 2.50 a lb and I want to save at least 20-30lbs. I’m only posting this in DRC not on RC. I’m going to recheck old posts for who has already asked for some… but first come first serve. Everybody that already claimed some you have about 2 weeks before I go on leave!

I got:

Long: 20lbs
Moliken: 20lbs

About 30lbs left unclaimed!

how, when, where???

I think I still have your number…

Anybody else that is interested PM for my cell.

call me at work tomorrow. i could take an hour and come down from smyrna, if that’s ok w/ you, or fri night or the weekend.

hey, thanks for putting me down on this list!!! when would be a good time for you to meet up?? im free all day tomorrow…ill PM you

ill take whatever isnt claimed. pm me to get my number

Sry all I got called in to work today but i got the next 3 days off! The LR is pretty decent some with coraline. Also i got a few fish with the deal. They need good homes! I’ll post pics in a bit.