Crazy Mushrooms, Zoanthids and New Stock Just Posted!

Just posted a lot of new Mushrooms we recently got in stock as well as zoanthids and hundreds of other frags! Check them out, I know I put a few of these in my tank! Great prices!

WYSIWYG Frag Page:

Orange on Green Fuzzy Mushroom

Royal Blue Mushroom

Purple on Blue Patchwork Mushroom

Fireworks Zoanthids

Chili Peppers Mushroom

Ultra Orange Ricordea Yuma

Orange Rainbow Ricordea florida

King’s Ransom Zoanthids

Red Bullseye Zoanthids

Superman Fuzzy Mushroom

Here are some more goodies! Also just posted some nice zoanthid colonies as well!

WYSIWYG Frag Page:


Pacific East Aquaculture:

Purple Passion Ricordea yuma

Orange and Teal Ricordea florida

Baby Blue Ricordea florida

King’s Ransom Zoanthids

Magician Palythoas

Orange and Green Zoanthids

Doublemint Mushroom

Purple and Red Fuzzy Mushroom

Watermelon and Green Lantern Combo Colony

King’s Ransom Zoanthid Colony