CT Frag Farmers Market trip

There was a little bit of discussion at the meeting about getting a group of people together to do this trip this upcoming year. I usually do an annual fishing trip, sadly this year I won’t be going. But to my surprise, my wife suggested I go to this coral show instead! Who’s with me?!

I thin Donavon usually goes.

Is this the swap up in Connecticut . It would bet great to take a bus or limo bus and spend the night and come back on a Sunday. Or drive up in whatever.

I’ll be retired so I’m good to go and set up a frag tank up in our room for purchases on Saturday if people are staying overnight. I’ll drive up there on Friday get a room and be ready for the club when ever you get there

Yeah it is.

I go as a vendor,I will have first dibs on my usual table, I will set up a 20 gallon tank as a hobbyist to sell my stuff.
I always stay at “The Inn on Storrs” it is an awesome turnout every year, they literally fill a room with Raffle items.
it takes over an hour to do the raffles. It’s cool to see the same folks every year.
Definately get exposed to different corals that are circulated in the north eastern states

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We may be going up with you. Sounds like a fun trip

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Hmm, Mike and Donovan would either of you be able to organize something (transportation and hotel rental) for the club?


What’s the exact date for this event?

March 4th 2023

We are going to Clearwater for Phillies spring training in March. Don’t know if I can swing both. Don’t know the dates of the trip yet. Will comment later when I find out

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We could maybe have some folks commit to splitting rental cost of a 15 passenger van.

You could get 9-10 people and use the other seats for luggage.

I can call the hotel to see if they have some group rates.we wold probably want to make reservations at least a month or more in advance to ensure availability. I will probably make my reservation soon as I have just sent my money in for my table.

Just a heads up the Inn on Storrs is not a “class A” hotel, I know some folks are particular about lodging.
It’s just fine for me, I’m not saying it’s a dump it’s a decent place it’s just old and I’ve stayed in better places.
Check out the reviews before committing

I’m sure there other places to stay within an hour of the school, it’s just where I have always stayed

I will not likely participate in a group van because I will be traveling with coral, water, and tanks.

Let’s keep this conversation going and get some people committed. I’ll make some calls this week!

I’m game. We will have to kick this around for awhile. Can any one hope on to your table?

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I’ll ask Jon, he will likely want a 30.00 fee

I don’t think he was planning to expand the number of spots however the last event was not filled up.

He may be ok with doubling up on one table, not sure

Or I can give you a lot of bubble tips and see how many sell. What’s the table cost. We could split it. Or I could just bring up the 20 gallon and set it up if it’s cheaper. Tell me what best for you Donavon. That’s all I would bring up is the bubble tips.

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