December 2022 Member Meeting

Member meeting / mini frag swap
Donavon’s house
2006 Elgin St
Wilmington, DE 19808
Finger food/refreshments provided
More details (frags available and raffle items) TBA

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I’ll be bringing frag of Blue Vice palys, Orange Oxide zoas, Rasta zoas, large red discosoma mushroom, colt coral frags.


I’ll have a 20 gallon tank set up for anyone who wishes to bring frags for sale or trade

I will also have some frags to raffle off

I may have some acroporas for sale/trade

I have a green and orange rhodactis for the raffle. Looks like these.

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Id love a frag of rostas and orange oxides if you have any to spare.

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I also have a green blue spot discoma and a green rhodactis for the raffle.


Cool Info About The Member Meeting/Mini Swap:

I will be putting up for raffle a mushroom combo rock (on it are two 1.5” purple Yumas, one 1” orange yuma, and one 1” mint green bouncing Rhodactis)

Also for raffle will be a set of ESV two part dosing concentrate (gallon jugs)
-one part A
-one part B
This has been generously donated by a former DRC Officer, Ed “”The Professor”

I will have at least 20 free Frags for my guests (one each)first come, first served, first pick - for free will be limited amounts of:

Green star polyps
Mean green zoas
Radioactive dragon eyes zoas
Yellow colony polyps
Purple death palys
Mind blowing palys

Avalaible for swapping, trading, selling will be:


  • orange Yumas
  • purple Yumas
  • “Sigmunds Sea Monster” bounce (green)


  • Orange tipped green stag
  • Turquoise stag
  • TerraReef “Stubby Finger” Humilis?
  • “Cold Ethyl” sp. (pearly green/dk green)
  • “Rose Pearl” sp. (Pearly green/pink)
  • “Indigo Valida” (dark blue/green polyps)
  • BC “Hyperberry” Microclados (intense shortcake)
  • WWC “Yellow Tip” Austera (yellow/blue/purple/green)
  • RR “Rainbow Loom” (purple/pink/yellow/green)


  • “Daisy Cutters”
  • “Gatorade” variant
  • “Magicians”
  • “Watermelons”
  • “Mind Blowing” Palys
  • “Purple Deaths” Palys
  • “Blueberry Fields”

All Frags will be $25.00 or less

I posted some pictures on Facebook


Wow, thanks @Donavon!

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