December 2022 Member Meeting

Member meeting / mini frag swap
Donavon’s house
2006 Elgin St
Wilmington, DE 19808
Finger food/refreshments provided
More details (frags available and raffle items) TBA

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I’ll be bringing frag of Blue Vice palys, Orange Oxide zoas, Rasta zoas, large red discosoma mushroom, colt coral frags.


I’ll have a 20 gallon tank set up for anyone who wishes to bring frags for sale or trade

I will also have some frags to raffle off

I may have some acroporas for sale/trade

I have a green and orange rhodactis for the raffle. Looks like these.

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Id love a frag of rostas and orange oxides if you have any to spare.

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I also have a green blue spot discoma and a green rhodactis for the raffle.


Cool Info About The Member Meeting/Mini Swap:

I will be putting up for raffle a mushroom combo rock (on it are two 1.5” purple Yumas, one 1” orange yuma, and one 1” mint green bouncing Rhodactis)

Also for raffle will be a set of ESV two part dosing concentrate (gallon jugs)
-one part A
-one part B
This has been generously donated by a former DRC Officer, Ed “”The Professor”

I will have at least 20 free Frags for my guests (one each)first come, first served, first pick - for free will be limited amounts of:

Green star polyps
Mean green zoas
Radioactive dragon eyes zoas
Yellow colony polyps
Purple death palys
Mind blowing palys

Avalaible for swapping, trading, selling will be:


  • orange Yumas
  • purple Yumas
  • “Sigmunds Sea Monster” bounce (green)


  • Orange tipped green stag
  • Turquoise stag
  • TerraReef “Stubby Finger” Humilis?
  • “Cold Ethyl” sp. (pearly green/dk green)
  • “Rose Pearl” sp. (Pearly green/pink)
  • “Indigo Valida” (dark blue/green polyps)
  • BC “Hyperberry” Microclados (intense shortcake)
  • WWC “Yellow Tip” Austera (yellow/blue/purple/green)
  • RR “Rainbow Loom” (purple/pink/yellow/green)


  • “Daisy Cutters”
  • “Gatorade” variant
  • “Magicians”
  • “Watermelons”
  • “Mind Blowing” Palys
  • “Purple Deaths” Palys
  • “Blueberry Fields”

All Frags will be $25.00 or less

I posted some pictures on Facebook


Wow, thanks @Donavon!

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I am planning on coming tomorrow and will bring the following frags for sale / trade, if anyone is interested please let me know:

Green birdsnest
Green tipped orange birdsnest
Purple polyp birdsnest
Birds of paradise birdsnest
Red monti
Green eggs and ham monti
Purple stylo
Meteor shower cyphastra
Yellow polyps
Green toadstool
Red chalice

Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow!

I would also love some rasta zoas if you still have some left. Let me know if you are interested in trading!

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Had a good time today seeing everyone! Good to hang with a group that share my passion for the hobby. And great to see new and old faces!

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Congratulations to our raffle winners! Wavy Johnson won the Keim & Keefer Aquaculture Battle Corals Battle Stag, Gage Michael Green won the Reef Nerd Aquatics phyto and pods package, and James Wentz won the the Reef Nerd Aquatics rotifer and macro package! Thank to all that donated to the raffle!

Thanks to everyone that came!
I had fun and got some fresh boy Corals,Jack Keim, from
Keim and Keefer Aquaculture brought me some :fire: and donated a chunky BC Battle Stag for our raffle.

Hope everyone had fun, if you didn’t get a chance to come and still want a free frag, let me know, I still have some left!!

Don’t forget about the upcoming January meeting

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Thanks @Special_K for doing the trade with me!

Thanks to all who put coral in the tank, for free, trade, or otherwise!!

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I agree it was nice to see everyone today! Thanks Donavon for hosting! Hope I can make the January meeting!


Thanks for the trade Donovan. That hyperberry is really nice. It’s different then one I have had before. I had a great time meeting everyone and finally being able to make one of these. Also thanks for hosting.


Loving the polyp extension on this stylo i got from Morty!


Glad It is doing well for you!!

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