deep sand bed

I think I want a deep sand bed in my next tank. In doing some research it looks like I want at least 5". Does that sound right? I’m looking at getting either Carib Sea Aragonite Aragamax Oolite Reef Sand or CaribSea Ocean Direct Oolite Live sand. I don’t think I want a plenum. I’ve found that has a good price and free shipping. Has anyone purchased from Anyone have any pointers for DSB?

I used to buy that sugar sized oolite from F&S, I think for around $26.00 for 30# bags w/free shipping over $49.00. I would activate it using IPSF’s Live Sand Activator plus, and add the reef worm diversity pack in a couple month’s. I would also use these as boosters every couple years.



You should also avoid using any type of sand sifting critters that will prey on the microinfauna that keep the sand bed healthy. This will include sand sifting seastars, some gobies, etc. Instead, use a fighting conch or two, depending on the size of your system, add some Nassarius Vibrex, and Cerith Snails to keep the upper portions loose.