Designer Clownfish (Breeder size)

I’ve listed so far (9) pairs of designers clownfish on eBay! member name coralsmania_llc still 100% positive feedback, so buy with confident. Provided YouTube video links below each one. Again these are just listed on eBay!

All pairs are “Bonded” mature adults from my brookstock!

Here is a list of the following pairs. Prices does not include shipping!
Shipping: First pair $50 via FedEx Priority Overnight - Guarantee Arrive Alive
Pair#1 - Bonded Phantom Clownfish - Mature Adults (Breeder size) $299.99

Pair#2 - Bonded P1 Bali Aquarich Black Picasso X Onyx (C-Quest Lineage) $599.99

Pair#3 - Bonded Black Photon $250

Pair#4 - Bonded Darwin Clownfish Mature Adult PR (Breeder size) $175

Pair#5 - Bonded P1 Bali Aquarich Black Picasso X Onyx Picasso - Mature Adults (Breeder size) $499.99

Pair#6 - Bonded Frostbite Clownfish PR $199.99

Pair#7 - Bonded Flurry (New) PR $199.99
Trio#8 - Trio Maine Mocha $125
Pair#9 - Bonded Maine Blizzard $50

Note: Shipping cost; the second pair purchase on the same order will be free. Example: Buy 2-3 pairs only one flat rate of $50