DIY Kessil Mounting Fixture

I’m working up plans for how I’m going to mount my Kessil fixture over the tank. My goal is to make something very close to this:

But for a lot less money, I hope. I’m planning to make the vertical and horizontal spans out of aluminum extrusion. Probably mini t-track painted whatever color I decide to go with. There is one part that’s giving me some trouble, the rounded end that’s over the light itself.

I have a ball swivel to mount the light to, but I can’t find and end cap for the t-track that’s rounded like that. Clearly theirs is one piece. Anyone have an idea of a solution?

You might find something here:

I checked them out. Couldn’t find what I wanted. They have a nub end that would work, but they don’t have the size I want.


Checked grainger. Small selection and crazy prices.

I might draw up what I want and email and see what they come back with.

80/20 is soooo expensive though for what you get. Do you need that kind of adjustability with the slot? My guess is, once it’s mounted your not going to move it. If it was me, I would just use some electrical conduit and bend it into an “L”. They already sell adapters for that with set screws so you can lock it down and you can route the wires through it for a clean look. Once it’s painted it should look really professional. Just my :TWOCENTS

It is stupidly expensive, no arguments here on that front! I do not need the adjustability, I just like the flat, clean look. I’m trying to keep the design aesthetic in line with the room it is going in. Everything has clean lines with hard edges.