Downsizing the 120

The 120 is coming down. The livestock is quickly being sold. The clowns I got 4 years ago, my first fish are being sold tomorrow and it is bittersweet.

The Tomini and Midas Blenny on Saturday and all that’s left are the yellow tang and hippo tang.

It’s sad, the fish is fat and healthy. I just can’t devote the time to this tank that they deserve.

I have a feeling the equipment will go relatively quick.

Pair of MP40 wQD (7/2017)
ATI 6x80W (probably needs new bulbs for real coral growth)
Classic 200 INt Reef Octopus Skimmer (this thing is a beast)
Sicce Syncra Silent 5
Finned Titanium Heaters
Apex Classic with WXM and an extra double junction pH probe.
Wireless reef breeders dosing pump
302 aquatics sump (red and white) 40x16x16 (I think)
Rock - pukani and Marco rocks a bunch.
I even have a 40 breeder and stand
24” 4xwhatever T5 (was cheapo) but works well.
Aquaclear 70 or 90 it’s the big one (hob)

If you are interested in anything text me (302) 383-2207


ATI 6x80W T5: $400
MP40WQD (2): $275/ea or $500 for pair
Apex Classic with double junction pH Probe: $300
WXM Module: $75
Reef Octopus Classic 200-Int Protein Skimmer (BEAST): $250
Sicce Syncra 5.0: $100
302 Aquatics Sump 40x16x16 (I think): $250
Various Rock from tank and aging rock: $1.25/lb
120 Gallon Tank, drilled with coast to coast overflow: $225
Over engineered stand: $500
Tank and Stand combo with tank canopy: $650

The light probably needs new bulbs for extreme coral growth, these are about 18 months old, but since I kind of had a feeling this consolidation was coming earlier this year, I didn’t bother replacing the bulbs, which work just fine for fish. The light also comes with a homemade aluminum mounting bracket that sits on the rim of the aquarium and hangs the light over the tank. was walking through lowes in bear and saw 3/4" square aluminum and got the idea right there. Worked really well.

Adding to the list:

Reefbreeders Wireless Dosing Pump: $125 shipped.

I also have an mp40wES for $125 shipped. "Note: Probably needs a new dry side as at 100% you can hear a slight squeal, and there is also the sleeve connecting the cord to the dry side is split (was like that when I bought it 3 years ago). At 50%, which I run it normally unless I am in nutrient export mode, there is no squeal, just the audible hum that is more noticeable than the QD ones I have. This pump is on the bottom against the back wall blowing to the other side of the tank, creating 1 spot where detritus and other stuff gathers.

I have a 24" economy T5 unit from BRS (4 bulb) for $75 shipped.

40 Breeder and Stand $125 - currently housing a bunch of rock that I’m aging/cycling. If anyone is looking for rocks, I have a bunch, including a big piece of pukani that is loaded with beneficial bacteria as it sits in my sump.

I’m sure there’ll be more stuff as this tank gets moved to a new home (hopefully).

went downstairs after I sold the clownfish. I estimate, there’s approximately 175# of rock between the pukani and marco rock. May be a little more, may be a little less. I know there’s approximately 110# in the 120 right now, so it may be a touch more than 175.

i have a sicce 3.0 running through a citric acid bath for someone looking for a feeder pump. Once I take the Reef Octopus offline, that will run through a citric acid bath and get cleaned for sale.

I also found an aquamaxx EM200 skimmer in the back room. Forgot I had that thing.

The MP40wQD’s have been cleaned and are boxed up. Next up will be the MP40wES (non-QD) to clean.

Sorry to hear about the downsizing, but happy it is downsizing and not getting out!

Good luck with the sale!

I may be interested in the pumps. Where are I located at

I am in St George’s near the Canal.

I know @JustSumGuy was inquiring about them as well.

yeah, this has been something i’ve toyed with for a while. the moving aspect potentially makes this something that needs to be done.

Ok let me know if he doesn’t take them as I have the 4.0 and would like a back up one.

he’s taking the MP40’s.

I have a sicce 5.0 and 2.0 but the 5 is in use at the moment as there’s still fish in the tank.

once the remaining 4 fish are officially sold (they are kind of spoken for, but we will see)…then I can start really breaking down the tank. The 5 is rock solid, and I am only running it about 1/3 open.

I’ll take the 5 when it’s ready

Selling the Tomini and Midas today.

What I have left:

ATI 6x80W (with bracket I made for on top of a rimmed tank) $350
Finnex 300W titanium heater: $50
Reef Octopus Classic 200 INt skimmer. $200
Aquamaxx EM200 skimmer: $150
Spectrapure Dual reactor with independent flow controls: $100
4x25W SunBlaze T5: $75

I have the sicce 5.0 that is spoken for and will clean that up tonight.

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