DSAS forum still active? new member ?s

Happy Holidays to everyone! I see that the last post was in Jan. 2010 and was curious if any DSAS members still used this forum. I am a new member, but have kept a variety of freshwater tanks over the years and am getting back into the hobby. My 6 year old niece is showing an interest and I just set her up a 20 hex mix tropical tank. We have a (hopefully) breeding trio of vaiatus and were looking for some more and swordtails or for that matter any tropicals that don’t look like beat up feeders. Wow, the local petstores in north Wilmington are pitiful.

Also, are the meetings still the same for 2011? I will be in Thailand, (yes, I wish could bring some livestock back with me!!) for most of Jan, but would like to go to the Feb. meeting. Thanks for the help.


Hi Rob. well, this forum was opened to offer the DSAS an online posting spot, but doesnt seem to have caught on. The freshwater club does still have its old site to post meeting notices and a few other things. its a free site so no frills, like a forum. you can keep track of the meetings, and perhaps make a post in the wanted ad at

the DSAS normally meets the 2nd monday night of the month at William Penn High School. but check the website posting because there are a couple school holiday conflicts that will reschedule a couple of the meetings. Mostly things happen at the meeting. We have had a pretty good turn out the past year. many new members, and always people to trade fish with. and lots of plants in the auctions, plus prizes. Do drop in!

oh, it would be much nicer to bring back some Thai corals for the reef club , but i guess they dont allow export. Thai reefs are supposed to be pristine.

Thank you for the information. I will check the webpage and come to the Feb. meeting. Yes, I am defenitely bringing my snorkel. The asian arowanas are particularly cool, but illegal to import. I’m really hoping to go fishing too. Enjoy the holiday season.