DVRC Coral For Charity Test Kits #2

Delaware Valley Reef Club is pleased to announce that a set of API test kits are avalable in our Coral For Charity program. If you are interested in this item, please visit,10310.0.html
Proceeds from this item will benefit Coral Restoration Foundation ( This item will be available until Friday, March 18th at 10pm.

The Coral for Charity program helps both your reef aquarium and a great charity at the same time. All frags, equipment, and livestock are donated to the Corals for Charity program by fellow reefers and aquarium businesses and are placed up for auction or purchase, with all proceeds donated to charity. Those who donate items receive no compensation for their donation, except the reward of seeing their donation help a worthy cause. If you win the item you donate the winning bid amount or purchase price directly to the
charity selected for the particular item. If you are interested in finding out more about the program please go the link listed below:,6767.0.html