Early Christmas Sale!!!

I will be up in Dover on Saturday, so before I post these frags on the internet, I thought I would show to the club first. We can meet anywhere in Dover, preferbally in the afternoon and at one location. All my frags are pest free and have been in my grow out frag trays. As always when buying new pieces, I recommend that you dip the frags.

3 large orange digi…$10ea mother colony 1 left 2 light blue palys 5polyps…$10ea

large blue tip digi…$15 SOLD SOLD small yellow turburina…$10

2 salmon caps…$15ea 4 large green caps…$25ea

2 red acans…$20ea SOLD 2 left 3 green acans…$20ea

4 green lantern zoas 10polyps…$20ea 3 left small oregon tort…$15

3 large purple polyp birdsnest…$20ea SOLD 2 fire and ice zoas 10polyp…$20ea

3 yellow/green millie…$20 blue millie…$20ea mother colony

dendro…$20 SOLD green /w purple skirts zoas 15+plyp…$20

These two montis are being saved for Tim, I sent him a pm to see if he still wants them, if not they are back up for sale at $25 each.

sunset monti SOLD superman monti SOLD

purple birdsnest for me. maybe meet at fishbowl???

I’ll take a dendro and a green lantern zoo.

What time are you going to be in Dover?

We are going to do some Christmas shopping at the mall, so likely will be there in the afternoon. And the fish bowl sounds like a good location to meet.

moliken…purple birdsnest
Cdangelo…dendro and green lantern zoas


I’d like to get a birds nest, another blue milli from ya and the superman monti or the sunset monti if Tim doesn’t take it.

LMK  thanks Bill

Ok Bill got you down for the birdsnest and blue millie and replied to your pm.
And the montis are yours if Tim doesn’t want them.

Tim is definetly taking the montis, so they are off the list
I will be at the fish bowl at 1:30pm on Saturday with everybodys’ stuff.

ill take an orange and blue digi…

Marchingbandjshave you down for …1 orange digi and 1 blue tip digi

i will take the following …
small yellow turburina for $10
red acans for $20

Martinfamily, thanks

1 yellow turubrina

1 red acan

rackin up the cash here

I will take one each of the green and red acans. Thank you.

Rainmaker5505 you got 'em, 1of each acan
Thanks John

[quote=“houndsbayman, post:7, topic:2458”]
I will be at the fish bowl at 1:30pm on Saturday with everybodys’ stuff.[/quote]

Ah CRAP -I was really hoping you were going to say around 3 when I’m not still tied up coaching soccer games.

Can anyone pick up for me and I will grab from you later in the afternoon? Maybe somebody close to TFB so I can still have an excuse to get in there this weekend?

cd see if bj can pay for your frags and hold them till you get there

Good idea Glenn - but I would Paypal John first. This way I have more money in my pocket to spend at TFB.

I’ll touch base with him later.

I will check all the orders and post what I have , and make a list, so everyone can make sure it’s all correct.
I will be at TFB from 1:30pm till 2:30pm to check out their corals. Just to let everybody know, that if your order isn’t paid for, or if no one picks up your corals, then your order is considered cancelled, and I will resell the frags. I appreciate that we can meet like this, and look forward to seeing everyone.

here is the list…

Billrob…blue millie,blue tip teal staghorn, purple birdsnest

TimH…sunset monti, superman monti

molilen…purple birdsnest

Cdangelo…green lantern, dendro

Marchingband…orange digi, blue tip digi

martinfamily…red acan, yellow turbo

rainmakers…green acan, red acan

addicted2reef…purple birdsnest, blue millie, orange digi

Please check to make sure I have everybodies order, and I will see you at TFB on Saturday at 1:30pm.


I would like to thank everybody for their purchases and for showing up on such a nasty day.It was really nice meeting everyone. Hoping all of you are happy with your frags,