Ecotech lights for sale

Hi i am looking to sell my ecotech lights. I have 2x gen 4 xr15 and 2x gen 5 xr15 pro. They are already on a light bar. I am looking to sell all 4 lights and the bar together for $1200. Please msg me if interested or feel free to text me at 804 310 5504. I love in middletown de near route 1.

Also i will be selling the tank if anyone is interested. Its a waterbox penn 180g has a 50 gal sump. I have pumps , chiller, controllers, hydros, rodi unit. Iam looking for $2500 for the tank and any components you would like.

If interested in the tank and lights . $3200 would be what i am looking for. You can have anything i have. @aquatic_utopia on instagram to see more pictures. The tank has bot run for 6 months.

Getti g out of the hobby?

Yes that is correct

I know someone looking for something larger like this i will reach out to them.

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I take it the live stock is gone?

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Yes i gave the live stock away to memebers here in the area.

Sorry to hear you are getting out of the hobby

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Well its never forever hopefully :slight_smile: