Ecotechlights for sale USED

Looking to sell my eco tech lights which I no longer need. I used the g4s for 1.5 years and the g5 9 months. Prices are below with pics. I am in the Middletown,de area. Pm me if interested or email me

Xr15 g4s : $150 ea.

Xr15 g5 : $225

Light rail : $75

Everything : $500

Why you selling, getting out or up grateing. $$$$

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I emailed you

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:+1: got it. Still got 2 left and can meet anywhere in Middletown after 6pm during the week. Weekends work too with Sundays being the easiest.

Life changes and with that also limited funds. Hopefully not out forever :yum:

Pm me please

How many g4 do you have?

Still available?

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I still have 2 of the g4s left for $150 ea

I would get them but im poor and its christmas lol sorry if you decide to donate please think of me haha

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Also if interested in the lights I have many other things that I can through in with it for free like rodi filters , pumps, additive products. Lots of stuff. Still have 2 g4s 150each or I’ll do $275 for both.

I also have glh doser I’ll sell for $100 and hydros starter pack with extra power unit I’ll sell for $100.

Also for $125 I have a used UV sterilizer from bulk reef supply. I ran with a maxi jet and worked great.

Got pics of the hydros stuff?

Yes, I will add them this week.

If you would like you can text or email me if you still have my information.

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If you could I would like the info also. Thanks

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Here are photos of what I have.