We have over 350 new Maxima clams in stock, yep thats a lot of clams and they are SPECTACULAR!!!

Talk about a WOW moment—imagine our tropical paradise seeing all these clams in one location at one time—speechless!!

Many are super bright ELECTRIC colorations, while others are insane color combinations and patterns. We will be adding a few to our site every few days, check in frequently so you don’t miss out on the ones you want.

We took pics of just a few and we’re posting them today, more will be posting every few days!!!

These Maximas are all about 4.5 inches, we have them in stock from 4.5 inches up to 6+ inches. Photos taken from directly above clam in our greenhouse under natural sunlight without supplementation, camera custom white balance set on white sand below, colors shown are true to life–may be brighter under artificial light–any clam will look differently when viewed from the side so position them such that you are viewing them at a direct downward angle in your tank for best visualization.

  Very nice guys keep it up, they are amazing clams your getting.

Wow, I wonder what they look like in person or from the side. I really need to make a trip down there. Almost been 6 months since I’ve seen the place.

 Jon they should look just like the pics at least thats the way the last batch looked in person. 

   They look amazing in person , look little different in my tank but pretty close.

+1 on bill, as mine look almost exactly like the way they did in dr mac’s sunroom

And a second batch of these beauties is up…