Electric clams

Went to Pacific East today to check out those electric clams I saw pics of on his website. OH MY GOD!!!
It is the best selection of clams I have ever seen in my life. Right now he has about 200 clams in stock. They have all the quality factors when looking for good clams. The size is better than anybody else has for sale, and pricess are really very low for the size and hardiness that Pacific East has available right now.
The colors of these clams are brilliant. And the markings on some are very different.
P.S. If you have nothing to do next weekend, I have it from a good source, that they are getting in around 300 clams on Thursday.
Oh yeah, I bought one that is amasing and will post some pics tomorrow. And of course will be going again next weekend.

hey john, congrats. can’t wait to see. i love that place. 2 of my clams from his last shipment:

Sweet Paul. I was just blown away looking at all those clams.

if lived where you do, i’d be paying rent there

Those electric clams are sure pretty! Uhhh… How many watts do they burn? I’d get me some, but not sure if the house breakers can take the load? I guess they earn their keep, they filter crud and algae out of the water and keep it nice and clear. So a nice clam bed is good for the reef tank.

Took 3 quick pics the clam is about 7 inches wide, will take better pics

Looks nice John! have you always had clams in your tank? i never noticed any in your pics.

This is my fourth clam. Have had the other three for some time now.

Got a top down pic today while doing a water change. It is really doing well and has become my new centerpiece.

Looks great John, what are you using to get top down shots? now that i have the frag tank that i can actually reach to do top down shots i’ll have to try it someday, well, when theres something in there to photograph anyway.

Well, since I was doing a water change, the water level was low, so I just put my camera over the top of the water above the clam and took about 4 pics.

That turned out cool, i thought you were gonna tell me about some nice diy top down box or something…
i’ll have to try that though!