Ellen's (entoreefer) corals @ FB

Ellen is breaking down her tank due to work and no time to take care of it. She took her stuff to the Fish Bowl for sale. Here are some pics of the stuff for sale. She still have more that has not taken it over to the FB. Don’t know the price, didn’t have time to stick around to find out. Just have to go there for the price.

Onyx Clown with his purple seabae anemone

Two maxi mini on rock

Toodstool on rock with xenia

Xenia rock

Florescence green finger leather colony with blue xenia and regular xenia on it

More Florescence green finger leather colony

Purple gorgonia and zoos

 Dam sorry to hear that, she always had a real nice tank.

yup, free time, subject to the demands of work. Thats why i just had to give up work.

I got a frag of a really nice pink millie Ellen had growing a few years ago. it finally took off for me. and now its looking prime again, bright pink with pale yellow tips. so buy up her corals and her tank will live on. We can give her frags some day when she gets time for another tank.

More stuff she have at the FB.

ATB skimmer $100
1260 Eheim pump $50
24" ATI T5 light fixture, used 1 year $200
48" under water blue LED/ dimmable $20
Aqualifter $10
Milwaukee lab kit low phophate test kit $40
All are in good condition!

Here is the link to the original sale.

Very healthy Yellow Tang

Very healthy as well Blue Dot Leopard Wrasse

I am interested in the ATI light for my frag tank. In the original post, she dropped the price to $175. Do you know if she is still willing to take that for it? And do the bulbs need to be replaced, since they have been used for 1 year already.

I can ask John. I’m not sure if the bulb need to be replace but, I know that it works.

thanks A

John, Terry was not at the store and I haven’t seen Ellen. But I did leave the message with Robin to let Terry or Ellen know when she see them.

Ok A thanks alot.