emergency tank sorta crashed just got back from vacation

ok so i just got back and i was gone for 2 days and when i got back here is what i saw the anenome had gotten sucke into the powerhead and died the lights where turned off for the whole 2 days so i guess it moved and got sucked up and the water was very cloudy when i turned the lights back on. also the heater broke so my temp was real low. i did a 50% emergency water change and i am running carbon and slowwly brought temp back up…my clam is semi opening up nothing else really looks very happy at the moment. also all over my star polyps whichj are all closed up are these like 1/4-1/2 inch slug things that look like they have an anenome on there backs whit green tips on the tentecals there are about 8 of them and they move what are these are they bad where did they come from??? help plz!!! :-?

here is the nudibranch/slug thing


they are all over the star polys


Will get you an ID in a moment, but pretty sure they are a bad nudibranch. Not sure on an exact ID, but it is most likely a coral eating nudibranch. There is one species that just eats zoas and one that eats montipora. Appears you have one that eats GPS? I wouldn’t change too much at a time. Leave it be for a little bit. Try to keep you’re lights on a normal a cycle as possible.

well i dont have a timer for the lights so i figuered lights off for 2 days may even be good to kill some algea as well…the nudisbranches are all over the gsp’s i hope they have not killed it all

GSP is amazing at coming back, no worries. If you lose it all I’ll get you a piece. brb

awesome :slight_smile: here is another unknow id pic these are all over my glass the look like a cross between a snail and a jelly fish mabey baby snails???


Beneficial FW(flat worm). Shouldn’t be a problem at all. I used to have them, but think I lost them all treating for another pest closely related.

For those intersted we talked a little more on AIM and I think we got a pretty close ID. Aeolid Nudibranch

Best removal I am going to guess will be siphoning out with some rigid air line tubing. Never had to deal with these guys before. Sort of animal that usually shows up in QTing for those of you who still think I’m wasting my time. :stuck_out_tongue:

Generally, if you can find something in your tank that they look like, thats probably what they eat as far as nudibranches go. Do you have a lot of corals in the tank? That may limit your treament options, however if you FW dip any corals that may be infected that may help to treat/kill them.

Edited for clarity.

ok so i made a bucket of luke warm freshwater and took the whole star polyp colony and held it up side down underwater and shook it for a little while and all the slugs seem to have fallen off which is good i think…i hope the star polyps didnt die because of it tho :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sure they will be fine as long as you didn’t hold them under too long. In the future it may be best if you try to get the fresh waters pH and temperature to match the tank. Well… hopefully you won’t have pests in the future, but it is bound to happen.

Many of the nudibranches I have found at work have been the type that do not eat corals and just simply die eventually do to malnutrition.(takes a long time) I ALWAYs attempt to remove animals from the tanks that I am not positive are safe and get an ID on them. I would rather not just flush it if it may be a rare treasure. Some of the coolest finds I have come across in this hobby were little hitchhiking invertebrates.

This sort of thing is almost sure to show up in qt though.

Sounds like that was probably what they were feasting on. They star polyps should be fine… I left some in a FW dip for about an hour before because I forgot them and they did just fine. You may still want to keep an eye out for any more, because even two can lay enough eggs to repopulate the tank since they are hermaphrodites.

sure glad it isn’t mine, make sure to check out the second picture!!

Confused as the photo and the text don’t match. Your wingspan is pretty close to your height typically unlesss you have extremely long gorilla type arms. In the image she appears to show the length of the worm with half her wingspan.(looks that long in the third image as well.) If she is 6’ tall, which it doesn’t look like, that would make it three feet long.

Sounds like a fish tale to me. “That fish was this big!”

I’ve seen 3’ before. Still don’t like them though and wouldn’t want one.

pic 2, i believe, shows the worm standing up along the side edge, prolly 3 feet long, if u ask me!

another reason to wear gloves while messing around in your tank

Yup gloves are a good thing and not over feeding is another. ;D

how do you like this 6 foot worm found in a guy’s 500g tank!!

Coolest thing is the hotdog tongs on the ground behind it, someone picked that bad boy up with those!?!?