Equipment for sale

I have changed my mind and decide that I will sell my equipment. Not quite ready as I still get the fish out, but that should be within a month.

2 - Chinese LED Lights (165W…I think)…has separate knobs for full spectrum and blues…$50 each

75 GPD RO/DI unit (3 or 4 stage…has 3 canisters and the membrane on top)…$50

fluval canister pump (rated for up to 60 gallons I think and has 4-5 stages)…plus some media I have left over $50

200 watt heater, 50 watt heater $25 for both

Reef Octopus HOB Skimmer (rated for 100 gallons with moderate load) $40

2 Jaebo RW-8 pumps with bluetooth module to control features of 2 pumps with iPhone and Android $50 (I should still have the original control modules for each. I will also throw in a small RW-4 with this)

20 gallon long tank $10

40 gallon breeder $25

custom built wood stand for 40 gallon tank $25 ($40 for stand and 40 gallon tank together)

Wooden Cabinet/Mini Workstation Furniture (has a cabinet on bottom, a drawer and a top with a small work area with overhang. I used to do some fragging on it)…$25

All water testers (Nitrate, Ammonia, Calcium, Alkalinity, Magnesium,PH, Phospahte…And Hannah Checkers Alk Checker)…All for $75…If you want an individual let me know which one.

Plus all the small nick knacks that Ill throw in with whatever you buy (misc frag supplies and gear, thermometers, 30 gallon trashcan for making water, egg crate for frags, etc)

If you want pics of anything let me know.

Forgot to mention…Im in NE Philly (Bensalem)…but if needed I can meet somewhere halfway.

Interested in the protein skimmer

Ok. I will hold it for you and let you know when I am ready to break everything down.

Can you call me about jebao s 13023730291 thank you

What brand is the leds?

To be honest i cant remember. I bought them on ebay, but they have a great spectrum and show alot of great colors. Two seperate channels…one for blues and violet and the other for the full spectrum (whites, greens, reds). I think they are 165 watts each.

Damm.I would like one of those fixtures for my fuge but I just noticed your in bensalem.Not sure when I could get up there.

Ok all. All the fish and corals are gone, tank is empty. Lots of equipment still available. The only items currently spoken for are the protein skimmer, jaebo pumps, and led lights. The more you buy the more of a discount and ill probably throw extra stuff in.

I can get pics of anything you want to see.

I’m interested in the RODI unit. will you be at the next meeting or the frag swap? i’m in southern delaware so if we could meet up at one of those two that would be awesome.

I wont be able to make the next meeting, and originally I wasnt going to be able to make to the swap as I am going on a small vacation…however I got my dates mixed up and I am not leaving until the weekend after the swap…so yes I will be at the swap and can bring it down then.

For everyones information…I misspoke when I informed you that I was not going to be at the swap as I thought thats when my vaca was, but that is not until the following weekend…so if you want anything I can hold it for you and bring it to the swap. See you all there.

What are the rough dimensions on the 40 gallon breeder? 36x18x17 is common but i was hoping for something less deep to fit under tank as a refugium. Like a 40 long would be perfect

[quote=“RayFacci, post:14, topic:9056”]
What are the rough dimensions on the 40 gallon breeder? 36x18x17 is common but i was hoping for something less deep to fit under tank as a refugium. Like a 40 long would be perfect[/quote]

Yes those are the dimensions of the 40 breeder. I do have the 20 gallon long (30.25" x 12.5" x 12.75")…not sure if that is too small for your spot

Do you have anything left?

Do you still have anything available?