expired epsom salt

this is all i have at the time and i need to raise my mag. it expired in 94. lol! my parents said it will just be less potent. is it ok to use? i have used it to no ill effect befor but i just want to make soure, thanks brett

You should be fine, it has probably just absorbed some water and will require more of it to raise the mag compared to fresh product.

i agree with everyone magnesium sulfate is very stable and will be fine even if its 15 years old

wow, it older then me. i didn’t realise that until u pointed that out. ok just wanted to make soure.

how much can i safely increase my mag by. i need to get it up by about 100ppm because my calcium (mag was 1260 befor i started dosing). is running 500 verdict_in. im probably half where there will do the rest tommrow.

You should be ok to raise it by 100 ppm per day