I knew the words “FREE CORAL” would get your attention!

Okay Ladies and Gents, it’s time for a little contest! Here’s the deal, it’s really simple… We know everyone on WAMAS knows about us, but we want the ENTIRE WORLD to get to know us, and we need your help. To enter the contest you will need to have a Facebook account. If you don’t have an account, but your kids do, we will allow them to participate for you. If you have an account, you better have already liked our page Just kidding! If you haven’t, you will need to do this first. After that, you will only need to do two things. First you need to share the contest post on our page, and when you share it, you need to ask your friends to “like” our page as well. Now, you may be saying “Why do they want my friends to know about them? None of my friends are reefers.” Well we don’t care! Maybe there’s someone out there that by seeing our page, will be captivated by the HOTTEST coral around, and will immediately be hooked like all of us were one day. The second thing you need to do is comment in the contest post on our Facebook page. You can say whatever you want, except something bad of course And that’s it! Once you do this you will be entered into a drawing that will occur at 8pm on Saturday night. The winner will receive $75 in store credit to Exotic Reef Creations which can be used on any coral purchase. We will be announcing a winner no later than Sunday afternoon. Oh yeah, and there’s one more thing… You will receive ONE entry for EACH TIME you share our page, and you can share the page once a day! So help us help you get $75 in store credit to the HOTTEST coral retailer in the country! Now get outta here, log into Facebook, and SHARE SHARE SHARE!!! Good luck!

ps. We have added over 100 new corals to our site in the past 24 hours, with more being added every day! So stop by to check out some of our current stock.