Fall 2022 Frag Show/Swap Volunteers

Anyone interested in volunteering for our fall frag show/swap? I would like to set up a zoom meeting for anyone interested to start making arrangements.

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Hey Jess,

I’m interested in participating/planning/finding vendors


I am interested in helping with this, I won’t be able to put a lot of effort toward it until probably mid summer
I can contribute the list of vendors from the last swap I organized and who I reached out to for donations
I will need to spend some time rifling through emails from a couple years ago to get all of the contact data because I have lost part of my list

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I’d be willing to help any way I can. Food is usually my thing… not sure how involved yall get but i can help plan, set up, cook, etc.

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Next Sunday (yes Mother’s Day) at 1 pm a few members are having a Zoom meeting to start planning. You are welcome to come.

How do i get into the zoom meeting?