few fish and coral for sale

fox coral each frag is about 1x2 when open give or take $20

encrusting bubble coral frags are 1x1 or a little bigger $15

crazy blue green red favia frags 1x1 or a little bigger $15

clarke clown $10 each 15 in stock
eibli angle fish $30 each 4 in stock
cleaner wrasses $14 each 3 in stock
redish orange Linckia Starfish $14 each 8 in stock
bicolor blennys $8 each 6 in stock
let me know if any one wants anything here or through pm thanks for looking
more stuff coming in latter this week if anyone is looking for anything let me know and I will try to get it in on this order

i am looking for a small green bubble around 20 or 30 dollars max.

I will see if i can get it in for you