Fiji Live Rock Box, NEW AquaMaxx Protein Skimmers & More!

• We just received a large shipment of Fiji uncured rock. Selling in the box for 69.99 plus shipping. You can use regular ground to ship this. This rock is live, but has been out of the water for a long time, they ship via boat from Fiji to USA. So treat this as uncured base rock. It’s still a great option to use as the bottom pieces for your reef, just be sure to cure it really well before putting in a tank with live fish or coral.

• For tanks up to 80 gallon, now you have a high end choice in protein skimmers.

• The VerVve is available as a standalone fixture, VerVve Plus or VerVve PRO with integrated Bluetooth control.

• AquaMaxx skimmers are engineered with computer-precision and are outfitted with the latest filtration innovations.

• Back by popular demand. More and more of you asked for this wireless controller, so we had a special batch of 12 made up. So for all of you with older systems that need to replace your controller, or maybe just prefer it over director, wifi etc. Here is the original AI Wireless controller again.

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