Finally breaking down the 210g skimmer/lights etc

I am forced to take down my 210g (7x2x2) aggressive tank due to problems dealing with such a large system (humidity etc) and the transmission just went on my car. All fish have been sold. Here is what I have.

210g 7x2x2 tank with custom stand and trim ring (around top of tank) euro braced. Has holes on the bottom from previous owners canister filters, I patched them up with the glass piece/silicone gasket method, works perfect. $400

Octopus NW200 skimmer either with or without Gate Valve mod $125

Tek 6x54w 48" T5 fixture with individual reflectors, needs new bulbs $225

Nova extreme 4x39 36" T5 fixture with moon lights, could use new bulbs $125

Live rock I have over 200lbs for $400, or (2) 100lbs for $250, or (4) 50lbs for $150. Rock will be evenly divided up, a lot of good pieces, some rubble etc.

Also considering selling my prize collection of liverock, gorgeous pieces, most of them big long flat pieces, perfect for aquascaping! Over 50lbs $200

Here is a picture of the tank when first setup, there has been more rock added and some in the sump as well. Just to give everyone an idea.

Pickup only (for now) in Hockessin, DE 19707. Please email me at if seriously interested! Everything needs to go quickly as possible, thank you

skimmer comes with pump right?

pm sent

The stuff I need gone is the tank and rock gone the most, the rest I can sit on. I feel those are priced to sell.

All PMs returned.

getting the 48 inch light. so at least something is gone!

Thanks Tim, glad to see the 75 is coming along nicely! I wish I had room to keep everything andmy transmission wasn’t going out on my car! The 210g has perfect dimensions for a great reef!

If someone is interested in anything and doesnt agree with my prices, just let me know. I am not here to rip anyone off, well all know you never get back what you paid for in this hobby, which I fine with me. But if your not interested in anything, then this thread isn’t for you. Thanks everyone.

Sale pending on tek light. Thanks moliken

he didnt say he was giving the stuff away.

This forum is for selling. If you are not happy with the sellers prices feel free to make him an offer via PM. It is not fair to inject your opinions on his prices in to his sale thread. All future posts of this nature will be immediately removed.

Brett, apparently I should be huh?

Craig, thank you for getting this back on track.

All off topic posts removed. Happy selling Jeff.

Craig you the MAN! And I don’t even wanna know about your avatar lol!

tank and stand sold to me!!!..the old lady is not to happy but she will get over it…hopefully. If not I will trade her for some coral/fish/equipment if anyone is in the market for a gf!